unpredictable UK US /ˌʌnprɪˈdɪktəbl/ adjective
if something is unpredictable, it is likely to change suddenly and unexpectedly, so cannot be planned for: »

To protect it from the unpredictable nature of software sales, the company has adopted a new business model.

unpredictable effects/events/factors »

Unpredictable events can have a huge impact on bond values.


It is a very unpredictable market.


The turmoil on Wall Street is emblematic of how the credit mess is spreading in unpredictable ways.


an unpredictable outcome/result

Compare PREDICTABLE(Cf. predictable)
unpredictability noun [U]

Stocks carry more risks than bonds because of the unpredictability of corporate profits.

unpredictably adverb

When share prices go up and down unpredictably, investors tend to sit on their hands.

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